For this series of hair dyes, I took inspiration from my original gradient boxes and created an updated version of them. With more interesting and moulded gradients and a self-made logo. 

The different dyes have pun inspired names and their colours are reflected in the gradient. The additional colour was added for a touch of contrast and to demonstrate what the other dye would look amazing in combination with the shade. 

As packaging, I chose a glass jar. Not only is it a more sustainable option to the plastic packaging, but is a great option to ensure that the customer can use every last drop of the dye.

The mock-ups consist of product images on a simple grey background of each of the dyes, as well as the dyes together for social media. On top of that, I took the opportunity to experiment with lighting in Adobe Dimensions to create the iridescent lighting seen in the styled mock-ups. 

This is a showcase. All designs are available for purchase. Feel free to contact me if you are interested or would like to work together. 

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