Brighten is a hair care brand that loves unconventional packaging combined with minimal style and natural colours.
Glow up
Meet Glow Up, a cosmetic brand that caters to your skin's needs. Naming its product after lovely colours creates the perfect base for colourful packaging. 
For your Daily glow up
Vivid Alternative Hair dyes
For this series of hair dyes, I took inspiration from my original gradient boxes and created an updated version of them. With more interesting and moulded gradients and a self-made logo. 
The different dyes have pun inspired names and their colours are reflected in the gradient. The additional colour was added for a touch of contrast and to demonstrate what the other dye would look amazing in combination with the shade. 
As packaging, I chose a glass jar. Not only is it a more sustainable option to the plastic packaging, but is a great option to ensure that the customer can use every last drop of the dye.
The mock-ups consist of product images on a simple grey background of each of the dyes, as well as the dyes together for social media. On top of that, I took the opportunity to experiment with lighting in Adobe Dimensions to create the iridescent lighting seen in the styled mock-ups. 
Mujin Soda
Meet Mujin the organic soda brand. Mujin was created to give people a more healthy soda option. Using only organic produce and adding no sugar Mujin's sodas have a natural and refreshing taste.
Indio Flowercrew Skincare
For this showcase, I created an eye-catching design through gradients and textures mixed with bright colours and minimal fonts for the made-up cosmetic brand: Indigo Flower Crew.   
This showcase contains packaging for a drawer box, a rectangular box, dropper bottles, jar, dispenser bottle and cream bottle.
Slow Poke
Slow Poke is a burger joint that takes things a bit slower. Changing up the fast pace of fast food to bring you organically grown ingredients for their heavenly burger. Following their tag line: fast food done slow.
I created this brand to practice a bit more branding and challenged myself to get out of my sans serif comfort zone. With this funky font in mind, I build a fast-food brand that highlights its organic ingredients through organic shapes and gradients.
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