For Posy's design, I moved away from my usual gradient-based designs and instead chose a bold floral pattern for the packaging. I started by drawing up the flowers in Procreate and then vectorised them in Illustrator. The colour palette of the product changes depending on the product. Face masks have a more blue colour theme accented with orangy-red, while the face mist and cleanser are turquoise with bright red accents. For the mock-ups, I went with a simple background and instead added interest with glass panels that reflected the holographic lighting. 

I wanted to keep the logo simple but still bold. I chose a bold font for the logo and added more visual interest by moving the letter closer together. For an additional touch, I turned the Y on its head. 

This is a showcase. All designs are available for purchase. Feel free to contact me if you are interested or would like to work together. 
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