Healthy Hound
For the brand Healthy Hound, I initially started off with creating the packaging for their three dog-friendly ice cream flavours: Bacon, Blueberry and Peanut Butter. By combining fun gradients in shades associated with the flavours and a minimal text layout the products are eye-catching without being an eye-sore. 
In addition to the packaging, I created 3D renders for the brand to use as product images on their website and on their social media.  We kept the renders minimal in their layout but made them more fun by using bright colours. To add more interest to the renders we added the ice cream's ingredients. 
For the German brand Adoria, I created their new catalogue. Featuring big images, minimal aesthetic and earthy colours, the catalogue reflects the brand and its products. The design matches their nature-inspired prints and organic materials. 
For Schrankfrisch, I created the packaging for their lavender pouches. Inspired by Bauhaus posters I created a geometric pattern with transparent panels in pastel shades.
Coma Designs
For Coma, I created this minimal packaging in their signature green colour.  Not only is the packaging eye-catching thanks to the bright green but it is also elegant by using intrigued fonts. 
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