For Onima, the goal was to create a label that they could easily adjust themselves to any of their future flavours. I started off by creating a pattern inspired by Bauhaus geometric elements. To modernise it I added gradients in Onima's brand colours and gave it a glitch effect. As the background was already quite busy we went with a sans serif for the text. 
For the brand Atypicoa, I created the labels for their nut/seed butter drinking cocoas. Design-wise we went with a minimal layout and spiced it up with fun fonts and illustrations to symbolise the nuts/seeds used in the respective drinking cocoa. To add more interest to the jars, we later added round labels for the lids. Using it as a way to highlight the illustrations but keeping the relevant information. 
Big Year Coffee
For Big Year Coffe, I created their pouch and sachet design. Starting with the pouch we kept the front minimal and added the design elements to the side. This way the design was almost hidden and a nice surprise when turning the packaging. For the side, we went with a mountain landscape pattern in the brand's colour palette. To add interest to the front we turned the text on the side. The brand requested the packaging to be editable to accommodate all their current and future blends. For the sachet, we adapted the mountain design to wrap around the side. 
For Lauryn, I created the labels for their broccoli microgreen pesto. We went with an off-black background to give the label a chalkboard feel and added illustrations in a broccoli shade to make the pesto flavour clear. For the font, we went with a rounded sans serif to make it more fun and intimate. 
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