Putting my 3D skills to the test and freshening up my abilities on creating brand guidebooks resulted in this showcase. Empyreal is a skincare brand that combines geometric shapes inspired by Bauhaus with glitches to create a modern and minimal feel to their brand. 

The neutral and pastel colours used in their packaging gives the brand a feminine feeling. The main aim of the packaging is to create a unique pattern for each product with different colour palettes for each line. Through this Empyreal wants to archive instagramable packaging that looks stunning on their customer's bathroom shelves. Displayed here is their core collection, a skincare line that offers you the basics: moisturiser, eye cream, lip balm, toner and cleanser. 

Additionally, this project contains imagery used to promote Empyreal's core collection. With pink splashes inspired by their oil cleanser, the imagery gives an airy and eye-catching effect. Furthermore, the posters incorporate elements used on the packaging itself, such as the sphere and the arch. To add more dimension and texture textures such as metal and frosted glass were used. 

This is a showcase. All designs are available for purchase. Feel free to contact me if you are interested or would like to work together. 

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