Welcome to your client portal! 
On this page, you will find information on how to navigate the portal and what it offers you. 
First up, we have the main space from which you can navigate everything.
Right on the left side, you have the link to this document and the welcome package underneath. The welcome package includes information about all the services I provide, the design process and more. 
On the right, you have the paperwork. At the top, you can find the start date and the estimated end date. Below you have a check-off list of the project scope. This example shows all of my services. Your personal portal will be tailored to your package. Beneath the scope of the project, you have all the paperwork. Here you can find the proposal, contract and invoices. All in PDF formats. The contract page includes the unsigned contract so please make sure to upload the signed version before we get started. The invoice page not only includes the invoices but the links to pay them as well. 
Further down you will find some useful information on the left. I suggest reading through them if you have a moment. On the right, you will find prompts tailored to your project. Please make sure to complete them before we get started.  

Onto the fun part: the designing. Underneath the prompts, you will find several boards. Depending on what services you booked, this might be narrowed down a lot. These boards include questionnaires where you can fill in all the information needed for the services, presentation pages for the first round of designs and following that a page for each revision. Each with ample space so you can write down your feedback. 
And to finish off we have the off-boarding space, where I will upload all the files once we have completed the project. 
To give feedback, click the “Edit” button in the upper right corner. Now you can click on which page you want to add your comment. For the prompts and revisions click the space beneath “Type here” and type away.
For the questionnaires click on “Open page” and fill in the sections. To finish off add the name on the questionnaires page.
Please note that a Notion account is necessary to add comments. However, Notion is free to use for an individual. 
If you need any help navigating the space, let me know! I’m more than happy to help. 
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